The Toshiaki Toyoda’s Uprising 2021 in Chicago

The Toshiaki Toyoda’s Uprising 2021 in Chicago

A FILM BY: Toshiaki Toyoda
WRITTEN BY: Toshiaki Toyoda
STARRING: Kiyohiko Shibukawa (WOLF'S CALLING), Tadanobu Asano (WOLF'S CALLING), Kengo Kôra (WOLF'S CALLING), Kiyohiko Shibukawa (THE DAY OF DESTRUCTION), MahiToThePeople (THE DAY OF DESTRUCTION), Issei Ogata (THE DAY OF DESTRUCTION)

Presented by Wolf Hakai Chicago

A Double Feature of WOLF'S CALLING & THE DAY OF DESTRUCTION by Director Toshiaki Toyoda | Free Gift with Each Ticket Purchase

WOLF'S CALLING (2019) Synopsis:

A girl finds an old handgun in her attic and the symbolic object conjures a mystical scene of samurai (a stellar cast of actors joined by the 20-person Edo punk band Seppuku Pistols, who also provide the soundtrack) gathering within the moss-grown location of Kasosan Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture. Director’s note: “Turn up the volume!”


Seven years ago, a mysterious monster was found deep in a rural coal mine. Since then, rumors of a plague spread through the small town, and people experience an unexplainable mental illness. A young Shugendo practitioner goes missing only to resurface transformed, intent on exorcising the world from the monsters haunting it.

In Japanese with English subtitles


Technical Information

Production Year: 2020
Country of Origin: Japan
Language: Japanese
Run Time: 74 mins
Format: DCP