Music Box Theatre 2 Raffle

Music Box Theatre 2 Raffle

The Music Box Theatre 2 Raffle Will Return | Winners Will Be Notified By Friday, August 14th

Have you ever wanted to play your favorite movie at the Music Box? Have you ever wanted to have a private Music Box screening all to yourself? Or maybe you wanted to give a special gift to a loved one and show them their favorite movie on the big screen? Introducing the Music Box Theatre 2 Raffle!


For a $10 ticket purchase, your name will be entered into a raffle with up to 24 other individuals to Win a private rental in Theatre 2, our 70 seat auditorium, for you & up to 10 of your friends!

Buying multiple raffle tickets increases your chances of winning. All tickets have been sold. One Winner will be selected from each time slot listed on the Music Box website, for 13 Winners total. Winners will be contacted by the Music Box's Rental Director on Monday, August 14th to begin scheduling a rental date and time.

Technical Information

Run Time: 10 mins