Peace Film Festival Student Filmmaker Showcase

Peace Film Festival Student Filmmaker Showcase

Films Included

Dividing Line of Chicago  (Short Documentary, USA, 9 min) -  Directed by Students of Free Spirit Media - North Lawndale College Prep

"Chicago youth see their city as diverse; but also see it as segregated." 


Forgive Me Father  (Short Narrative, USA, 29 min) - Directed by Major Gloria A. Downey

"A brutal terrorist and an idealistic solider are trapped in an isolated bunker."


Pushing  (Short Narrative, USA, 9 min) - Directed by Ryan LaPine

"Realitites collide when a homeless man and a police officer see the world in different ways."


Tree Huggers  (Short Documentary,  Canada, 10 min) - Directed by Jordan Yeager

"British Columbia is one of the last places on earth logging old growth forests. In the face of climate change, old growth forestry isn't just a threat to species living in the area -- it's a threat to the world itself."


Voice From 10,000 Miles  (Short Narrative, Australia, 9 min) - Directed by Oluwadamilola Oshodi

"A Nigerian international student studying in Australia struggles to remain patriotic and faithful to his belief in hope for a better future for his country after receiving terrible news from his sister back home."


HANNA IS BEAUTIFUL  (Short Documentary, Israel, 22 min) - Directed by Shira Meishar

"Hanna, a special needs 37-year-old who shows a moving and philosophical insight into her situation, an unforgettable character who effortlessly demolishes all our preconceptions about special needs adults." In Hebrew with English subtitles 


A Q&A with the attendant student filmmakers will take place after the conclusion of the last short.

Technical Information

Language: English
Run Time: 88 mins
Format: Digital