A FILM BY: Hugo Haas
WRITTEN BY: Hugo Haas, Arnold Lipp
STARRING: Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels, Allan Nixon

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Hugo Haas was vilified as one of the worst filmmakers of the 1950s. He didn't just have the last laugh—he was laughing all along, exploiting the American public's prurient and puritanical streak with a series of sexually provocative potboilers. Pickup, like all of them, revolves around a pathetic man (Haas) tortured by a desirable but duplicitous vixen played by Beverly Michaels, a statuesque ex-showgirl who turned down two major studio contracts to make films with Haas.

Technical Information

Production Year: 1951
Country of Origin: United States
Language: English
Run Time: 78 mins
Format: 35mm