The Aura

The Aura

A FILM BY: Fabián Bielinsky
WRITTEN BY: Fabián Bielinsky, Pablo De Santis
STARRING: Ricardo Darín, Manuel Rodal, Dolores Fonzi

In Spanish with English subtitles

The charismatic Ricardo Darín (NINE QUEENS, THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES) plays an epileptic taxidermist who amuses himself by plotting perfect crimes. On a hunting trip, he accidentally kills a man who has set a casino robbery into motion—then steps into the dead man’s shoes to live out his fantasy. But reality concocts plot twists even his fevered imagination can’t see coming. Argentine director Bielinsky made only two movies before his death, the exquisite caper NINE QUEENS and this masterful neo-noir, perhaps the best of the 21st century.

Technical Information

Production Year: 2005
Country of Origin: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Run Time: 134 mins
Format: 35mm